Produkty pre osobné / van / 4x4 vozidlá


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Vehicle type & Application

What type of vehicle do I drive?

The type of tire required can vary with the type of vehicle to which it is fitted. The tire size and service description can, to some extent, determine the type of tire being fitted. 

As the diversity in the different types of vehicles increases it becomes more important to ensure the correct type of tire is fitted. A tire will be designed to ensure it compliments the key characteristics of that type of vehicle with some of the different classifications being:

1) Compact class vehicles

2) Mid-sized and executive class vehicles

3) High Performance class vehicles

4) SUV´s

5) 4x4 and off road vehicles

6) MPV's and vans

7) Camper vans

8) Hybrid & electric vehicles

A tire may also carry an OE markings which are used to identify the homologated tires for vehicles and offer end-consumers an option when it comes to changing their tires. 

It is always adviseable to consult a tire expert (tire manufacture or reputable tire dealer).

Examples of OE markings: 


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